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Nicholson’s leadership of the NHS – the man with no memory

The failure of the NHS to use mortality data effectively is worrying to put it mildly and it seems clear from comments from other, such as Sir Brian Jarman, that Nicholson must take some responsibility for that.  Nicholson may argue … Continue reading

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Would you want to be a ‘frequent flyer’ of the NHS with Nicholson in charge?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Prof Sir Brian Jarman criticised the NHS for failing to use mortality data to improve safety in our hospitals.  There is media speculation that the failure to use this information could … Continue reading

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Grieving relatives slam Cameron

Cure the NHS, the organisation representing  grieving relatives in Mid Staffordshire and Patients First have sent a scathing letter to our beloved leader and Prime Minister, David Cameron.  It berates him for protecting NHS boss David Nicholson in the wake … Continue reading

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NHS lies to its own staff………?

Sometimes it’s gloss, other times it’s spin but on other occasions it’s downright lies.  That’s England’s NHS for you.  A management culture so dire that it’s full of cover-ups, fiddling of waiting lists and gagging of whistleblowers. This corrupt culture … Continue reading

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Cameron to be put on spot about commitment to safety in NHS

Today at 12.00 Cure the NHS and Patients First will be handing in a devastating critique of David Nicholson’s leadership of the NHS. It throws down the gauntlet to the PM – are you prepared to put the reform of … Continue reading

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The £0.5m, 677 death cover up

This is an appalling story about how 3 months after the person who expressed concerns about putting targets before patient safety was forced out of Lincolnshire’s Hospitals (in a half million pound cover up) and 9 months after the publication … Continue reading

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Shocking letters from clinicians at Lincolnshire’s hospitals releasesd

Three letters were released today by the Lincolnshire Independents.  They are a shocking indictment of our local hospitals and they do give an indication as to why ULHT are one of only 14 hospitals in the country to be subjected … Continue reading

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Underfunded, overstretched hospitals. But who gives a damn?

I am actually very, very angry today.  The Telegraph reports that analysis by the highly respected Prof Sir Brian Jarman shows that our hospitals in Lincolnshire have, over the period 2009 to 2012, the second highest level of ‘excessive’ deaths … Continue reading

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Same as it ever was.

I was sent a clipping recently. It was from the Lincolnshire Free Press letter page of the 9th October. The clipping was a short letter from Richard Davies, the Conservatives Candidate for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for … Continue reading

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Career politicans do not put Lincolnshire First

Over the last 30 years we have created a ‘political class’ of full-time politicians.  Not just in central government but also in local government.  They have political careers and their careers do not depend upon doing the best for their … Continue reading

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