Please pass this on………

‘Please pass this on….’ is not one of the most catchy of titles I must admit.

We all have a lot on our minds from the daily humdrum of family, work and how to pay the mortgage through to higher things such the EU referendum, the Syrian crisis or our increasingly unfair society where the 62 richest people in the world own half the worlds wealth.

But can I ask you to think about something else.  Unlike many parts of the world we have a democracy. It may not be perfect. But at least in this country we can vote for those who will control and run many services, vital to our lives.  Like the police.

We may not like politicians and party politics. We may not trust our politicians.  But that is not an excuse not to vote.

We have an independent candidate for Police Commissioner, Daniel Simpson. He has made his views clear in his election statement.  Not only do they include keeping the police out of political control and independent but also challenging the Crown Prosecution Service and a criminal justice system which undermine the work of the police and public confidence in them.  In the past few days we have had a prime example of the failed criminal justice system where an individual had been in court 33 times for 75 offences. If attempts were made at rehabilitation they did not work and clearly the ‘fear’ of court or prison are no deterrence. If offenders have been properly supported and helped with rehabilitation, to make a contribution to society, and all that fails there comes a point when society (you, me and our families) need protecting. Arguably, ridiculously short sentences, when taking into account the early release of offenders, does little to protect us.  This case is all too typical of what successive Labour and Conservative led governments have brought us.

Daniel makes it clear that he will challenge local MP’s and other senior politicians who have failed to stand up for Lincolnshire and frankly most of them have not shown that much interest in our failing criminal justice system.

If you want to challenge the failed polices and keep party politics out of policing YOU MUST VOTE.  So fill in your postal ballot or turn up at your polling station and exercise your democratic right.

So finally back to the title – can I ask you to look at your email address book and please pass this on…...

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