Do we really need more political cronyism? Think before you vote for the PCC

About 3 years ago I wrote

‘Over the last 30 years we have created a ‘political class’ of full-time politicians.  Not just in central government but also in local government.  They have political careers and their careers do not depend upon doing the best for their constituents but on keeping their party bosses, particularly those in London, happy.

Many of them wish to progress in the party hierarchy to become a more senior councillor, MP, Minister or beyond.  That is not achieved by standing up for their local communities and clashing with local or national party bosses.  Indeed there is so much money in politics and elections these days that they need their political party election machine to get re-elected.  I can well recall a conversation with a senior Lincolnshire politician when he explained why he was backing something he was very uncomfortable with saying ‘you cannot bite the hand that feeds you’.

So that brings us the the elections for the PCC.  The government, by the election procedures adopted, have made it difficult for independents to stand for and win these post.

In spite of that we do have an ‘independently minded’ candidate in Lincolnshire.  Daniel Simpson.  He may be a member of a political party, the Lincolnshire Independents but they do not have a whip and their whole ethos is to put Lincolnshire First and fight the national party political machine when it fails to take into account the views of our local communities.

For years we have had a failing criminal justice system. The number of serious repeat offenders has increased. Drug addicts, who often are victims of crime themselves, found guilty of theft to buy drugs go to prison as drug addicts and come out as drug addicts and the cycle of crime carries on. Successive labour and conservatives governments have failed to tackle these problems or serious and persistent anti-social behaviour.

I strongly believe we need an independent PCC, who will have no party loyalty, who will stand up for the ordinary citizen. We need an independent PCC who will challenge our local MPs and local political leaders who have sat by whilst we have the worst funded police force in the country. We need a PCC who will challenge the government on their failed policies on rehabilitation and repeat offending.

More information on Daniel, and a copy of his election leaflet, can be found on the Lincolnshire Independents web site here.

Remember if you do not vote you cannot complain.

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