Dirty tricks against independent candidate reported to police


road photo's 067The grubby face of politics emerged today as Jan Hansen, the Lincolnshire Independent candidate for Martin Hill’s patch of Folkingham Rural, made a formal complaint to the police about vandalism to his election signs.  Signs like the one adjacent.

On Sunday night a sign, in Threekingham, disappeared.  Just one of those things you may think. It was quickly replaced by Mr Hansen.

road photo's 071

road photo's 077road photo's 075Mindless vandalism perhaps? Mr Hansen runs the chocolate shop in Folkingham.  A dissatisfied customer ?

But the next night three of the signs, including a replacement sign in Threekingham, were promptly vandalised as you can see from the photographs.  The request to ‘please vote’ remained intact but Mr Hansen’s name was surgically removed.

These signs were some 4 miles apart so there must have been some considerable effort made.

It is difficult to conclude other than this is an affront to democracy, carried out as a result of some, to be charitable, misguided loyalty to one of the other candidates.

I know Martin Hill the conservative candidate and the current leader of Lincolnshire County Council.  He will have been mortified by this; I am sure the other candidates (Mr Morgan for Labour and Mr Withnall for the LibDems) will share that view.

They would all agree that this intolerance and suppression of information about other candidates has no place in our elections.  This is not trivial.  Will it be bully boys trying to intimidate candidates to prevent them standing next time?  Lets hope the police find whoever did it; if their motive was to prevent a free and fair election they should be treated harshly by the courts.

Meanwhile I assume that all the candidates will roundly condemn these acts and will endorse that part of the sign remaining PLEASE VOTE.

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