Same as it ever was.

I was sent a clipping recently. It was from the Lincolnshire Free Press letter page of the 9th October. The clipping was a short letter from Richard Davies, the Conservatives Candidate for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire.

Article from Lincolnshire Free Press

In that letter he “offers his complete support” for more police officers for Lincolnshire. He adds “ The myth that pervades Whitehall regarding the shire counties not suffering crime needs to be consigned to the dustbin”.

I am so pleased he has decided to follow my lead on this especially as he has chosen to use almost the exact words i.e. “The Myth of low crime etc” from my blog, published almost 2 weeks earlier as part of the build up to my visit to Downing Street to highlight the issue.

A more jaundiced eye may accuse Mr. Davies of obvious plagiarism of my content and ideas. That’s as may be. I’m sure Mr Davies has some ideas of his own but in this case I’m pleased he chose to re-broadcast one of mine.

The lack of police funding to rural counties is so important a matter, particularly to this County and it’s people, that I have opened a petition which can also be signed on the Number 10 system about this very issue. Rather than just copy what I say perhaps he can actually support the campaign for better funding. Mr Davies, you can meet me collecting signatures whilst I am canvassing and sign it in public or access that petition and sign it here.

Mr Davies has done a complete about turn on this issue. Unlike other, more notable, politicians from Grantham this ‘lad IS for turning’. You may ask how I can make such an outrageous comment? Evidence shows he has Tweeted in the past about the (implied) pointlessness of arguing for more money. And now, in the letter above , he argues the opposite.

He starts off by saying that it is a national issue and a ‘distraction’:-

He then build his case for doing nothing about it:

These read as though they are from somebody who believes Lincolnshire Police can’t, or shouldn’t, get more out of Whitehall, or perhaps from somebody who is a defeatist at best or can’t, or won’t, be bothered to ask at worst.

Worse is still to come however. In this Tweet Mr Davies argues that “Police performance is not a function of funding”. Then why does he now say that we need more money? Could it be he is coat-tailing? He leaves himself open to question. I ask you, just which face do you believe is the true face of Richard Davies?

Mr Davies appears not only to be a plagiarist, he’s also forgetful. I should remind you Mr Davies was a paid member of the Conservative led Police Authority who was in control when the Police Rural Fund was removed by his party masters when Whitehall decreed it in 2011.  Perhaps, had he complained too vocally he would not have been selected as the Conservative’s candidate for the PCC role? Who can tell, but the avowed Conservative, Mr Davies, was virtually silent about removal from the funds of Lincolnshire Police Force of, a not inconsiderable, £1.8m a year. I’m sure Whitehall must have been happy with him.

It’s hard to see how he can explain his inaction in this matter. Compare, for example, his current stance about funding and rurality with the inertia he showed when he had the chance to do something about underfunding. It just “doesn’t stack up” to use Mr Davies’ own phrase.

It’s just impossible to reconcile the two positions he wants to occupy i.e the one espoused in his Tweets and now the one in the Lincolnshire Free Press piece. They don’t “stack up” either; other than to say that he is electioneering. So, same as it ever was, he like politicians in general, will he show you any face they think provides a better chance to get them elected? And afterwards…

As Mr Davies is now so “pro” this issue I hope he will sign my petition himself and suggest to his followers to do the same.

It’s not party political. It’s common sense.

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