Conservatives start to line up to criticise idea of politicians as Police Commissioners…..

It is clear that many politicians, from all parties, do not like the idea of Police Commissioners being drawn from their own ranks.  They believe it is essential that that such posts should not become ‘politicised’; however it is equally clear that many of them are reticent to make such comments public.

My hat goes off then to Stephen Bett, the conservative chair of Norfolk Police Authority who on announcing his resignation from the party is quoted as saying ‘I don’t believe that local policing should be entangled with party politics‘.

This follows on from the warnings of Conservative MP, and Father of the House, Sir Peter Tapsell.  Sir Peter, the MP for Horncastle, Louth and Woodhall Spa, said: “I am not at all keen on the idea of elected police commissioners. I think it will lead to the politicising of police. Of course the way you prevent the politicising of the police is not to vote for a politician for the role.

Now we have Lord Tebbit, former chairman of the Conservative Party, reportedly saying that the role “could go horribly wrong” if the chosen candidate attempted to make a mark politically.

It is so refreshing to have some politicians say what they feel rather than what they have been told to say.  Long may that last – but I fear it won’t.

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