Asleep on the watch – mugged to the tune of £1.8m

It is well known that Lincolnshire police are appallingly funded. In fact the worst funded in the country.

It’s a myth this is due to low crime rates; we have average crime rates for a shire county and for some crimes such as burglary very high crime rates.

It’s been argued for years the police funding formula doesn’t take into account the increased costs of policing such a large and rural county as Lincolnshire.  So if you were a member of the police authority and the government came along and said ‘we are going to abolish the Police Rural Grant’, one of the few elements of the complex system of finance  designed to help rural areas, you would expect to make a bit of a fuss; especially as the government intended to add this ‘rural focused’ grant into the general grants pot and then re-distribute that grant to all police authorities, rural or not.

Well I don’t recall any fuss being created by the Lincolnshire Police Authority when this happened.  Perhaps it was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten?  No, the change was in 2011.  Perhaps it was not for a lot of money then?  No, it will lead to a loss of over £1.8m a year equivalent to over 40 officers.

Where was the uproar and outrage from Lincolnshire Police Authority? There wasn’t any. Why? Perhaps if you are a conservative member of the police authority and it is your own government taking the money away you may not want to protest too much and rock the party boat, or perhaps you were asleep on the watch?

Either way it demonstrates how party politicians are not right for this job.  If they won’t make a fuss about this what will they make a fuss about?

One can only guess at the outcome if a politician gets elected into this role.

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