Will we ever learn?

Lead roofNational publicity was given to the conviction of a man for attempted metal theft at the memorial in Warrington to those so tragically murdered by the IRA.  But what I found appalling was that metal theft from such a location only warranted an 18 week sentence.  Worse his look-out was simply let off with a warning. Reported in the Daily Mail.

However as you delve into the case somewhat further the leniency of the sentence looks even worse.  The person convicted had previously pleaded guilty to another metal theft, this time stealing from a church roof.   Reported in Thisisstaffordshire. The sentence for that was obviously not a deterrent.

So what we have here in Warrington was not a one-off isolated incident but somebody who has been caught on at least 2 occasions.  Of course he won’t even serve anything remotely like 18 weeks but we’ve lost an opportunity to really set an example and send a very clear signal to those who engage in this sort of crime.  No wonder so many people think as a nation we have become soft on crime.

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