Tory MP refuses to support Conservative candidate.

Peter Tapsell MP
Well the cat is finally out of the Conservative Party bag.  For the past 2 years everybody has been saying that politicians shouldn’t be standing to become Police Commissioners for fear of politicising the police.

The Labour Party said it and then did a U-turn and started fielding candidates when they realised what Police Commissioners would be paid.  Many conservatives have (silently) thought it ill-advised to get politicians involved in running the police.

At last at least one Tory has got the integrity to stand up and be counted.  None other than Lincolnshire MP Sir Peter Tapsell, father of the house. In an interview with the Horncastle News Sir Peter said…

“I think it will lead to the politicizing of police and I fear there will be continual disputes between the commissioner and the chief constable…”

So newly appointed Tory candidate for the post of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Lincolnshire, County Councillor Richard Davies, discovers that at least one of his own MP’s has publicly said he will not support him!

What do you think?

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