Dangers of putting so many eggs in one G4S basket.

Lincoln Police Station

Storm clouds gather over Lincolns West Parade Police station.

Controversial G4S now run a substantial slice of Lincolnshire Police.  It’s claimed that it’s OK – it’s only the back office.  But as we all know, if the back office doesn’t work then neither will the front.

I’m not philosophically opposed to these outsourcing contracts, if set up well and managed well they can deliver a lot but I have concerns here.  First about the company themselves who have so spectacularly failed with the Olympics and second the sheer scale of what they do for our local police and therefore for us.

I’ve been involved in major outsourcing contracts both as a client and as a private sector contractor and have a lot of experience in that area. Those I have been involved in have worked well but there are many other such contracts up and down the country which have not; and G4S have form.

This whole contract needs to be reviewed.

  • Are they a company who will overpromise but fail to deliver?
  • Should so much reliance be placed on a single private sector company?
  • Has too much been outsourced to them?

If you put too many eggs in one G4S basket, if they fail then we fail and this is simply too important to take the risk.  If elected I will want to take a very very close look at the contract indeed as well as their performance.

West Parade Police Station Lincoln

Troubled West Parade Police Station, Lincoln

Lets remember that every time companies like this fail, the public sector has to come in and pick up the pieces and usually – the bill, as so eloquently put by SimonJenkins in his opinion piece in The Independent 19th July 2012

These sorts of contractors need to be carefully managed and controlled.  There are signs that the Police Authority have failed to do so.  It has been speculated that the fiasco of the proposed custody suite at Nettleham was driven by G4S.  If that was the case it would be an example of the G4S tail wagging the Police Authority dog.

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