What if Lincolnshire Police were to be abolished?

Looking into a possible future; just what would happen if Lincolnshire police were abolished?

This is not fanciful as fears have been raised that Lincolnshire could lose its own police force due to the economic downturn.  Just because I want to keep politicians out of policing does not mean that I don’t like or even agree with some of them.

I saw Karl McCartney’s excellent piece on the ambulance service in Lincolnshire. Many think that some of the problems being experienced in Lincolnshire with ambulance response times could well be due to the fact that under Labour we lost our own locally controlled ambulance service to a regional one with its headquarters in Nottingham.

Interestingly Karl’s comments seem to agree with this point of view; he has some sympathy with those suggesting that one way of overcoming concern about ambulance service performance could well be to reverse Labour’s policy and revert to Lincolnshire-based service.

Of course if we lost our own local police force the same concerns would then arise about  some remote regional police force run from Nottingham or Hull looking after their interests and not ours. Police would be sucked out to the big urban areas.

Let’s hope that the fears do not materialise as in 5 or 10 years time people will be writing in the same terms about Lincolnshire’s police questioning whether it should be brought back under local control…….

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