Theresa May drops another clanger.

Theresa May our illustrious Home Secretary has dropped yet another clanger but this time she can’t blame her officials in the beleaguered Home Office.

In a recent article in the Telegraph she praised Boris Johnson saying he was an example of what Police Commissioners could bring to policing.

She failed however to mention that this shining example to the rest of the country, Boris, got involved in the fiasco when Damian Green MP was arrested in the House of Commons.  Remember this?  Boris was deemed to have been most unwise to get involved in a police investigation. Perhaps this web link to an article published in the Telegraph will remind you.

Worse at the Levison inquiry it was alleged in this article in the Guardian that the police investigation buckled under pressure from presumably Boris and other politicians……

But worse is to come.  This is also the same Boris Johnson who immediately upon becoming Police Commissioner, in a fawning letter,  appointed one of his political cronies from the same party to the post of Deputy Commissioner for Policing at a staggering salary of £128K, picked up by the poor old council tax payers of London.

Trebles all round (well the police may think twice about stopping and breathalysing you when you control their budget and can sack their boss).

Really Theresa is this the way we want our police run and are these the sort of people we want to run it?  Perhaps you do but the rest of us don’t.

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