Don’t you just love some of our politicians – they’re really skilful……… at milking the system.

It’s not widely known  that when the Police Commissioner is appointed he is able to appoint spin doctors or political advisers as Deputy Commissioners.

England has only got one Police Commissioner so far, good old Boris Johnson Mayor of London.  What was one of his first acts? You’ve got it – jobs for the boys.  He spent a staggering £128k per annum on appointing one of his political cronies, a former Conservative leader of a London Council, as his Deputy Commissioner. His letter of appointment is here.

This is so depressing.  At time of austerity to appoint your party political chums on such fat salaries is an insult to council tax payers who always pick up the bill for the excesses of our politicians.  Do we really want our Police Commissioners to be politicians who then use the system to appoint their fellow politicians to well-paid jobs?

Of course we can avoid this by electing independent people as Police Commissioners.  Think hard about it – please turn out on 15 November. I’d like to count on your vote.

If you want to do more to stop this sort of thing happening why not help the campaign?  Find out more here.

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