Your views & concerns?

To be an effective Police Commissioner I need to know what concerns you in your area. Do you feel safe as you go about your daily business? What worries you? What do you think works well and what does not work so well?

These views are important as I need to know what you think should be in the Policing Plan for 2013/14 and beyond.

One of the great things about being an independent candidate is I don’t have refer back to a party political manifesto for guidance. My guidance comes from you. And we all know that the party manifestos are written with an eye to votes and headlines in London and other big cities rather the needs of rural areas like ours.

As an independent candidate my allegiance and loyalty are to the people of Lincolnshire. Therefore I want to hear from you about your concerns about crime and crime prevention in your areas and your streets. I want a Policing Plan that meets the needs of Lincolnshire.

Please complete the form below letting me know which part of the county you live in and your phone number, if you wish, in case I need to call you.

3 Responses to Your views & concerns?

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