It is not a myth that the funding of  Lincolnshire’s police force is the lowest in the country – it is.  But contrary to myth this is not because crime rates are low – they are not.

It is the result of a bizarre and unjust grant system which favours areas such as the affluent stockbroker belt of London (Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Herts) who between them have a crime rate which is 6% lower than us but an astonishing 18% more police per head of population!

Worse still our taxes are used to keep their council tax bills down.  For their better staffed force they have Council tax bills which are 25% lower. If we were fairly funded we would have at least an extra £7m p.a. enough for around 130 police officers.

That’s not fair and that is what this petition is about. Be amongst the first to sign in advance of formal launch.

This petition will be launched in other rural areas such as Cumbria, Dorset and North Wales in the coming weeks.

n.b. signing this petition does not mean you are casting a vote for me; or even that you agree with my views. It simply means, on this important issue, you are telling the government, on their own petition web site, you care about the underfunding of Lincolnshire police and want something done about it; no matter who becomes the County Police and Crime Commissioner.

Here is what 130 extra police officers would like in a street near you.
Picture of police in street

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