I need your support.

I need your support
The election campaign has effectively been rigged by the Government and Home Secretary. A strong accusation I know but read on.

  • The deposit for a Police Commissioner candidate is £5000; in parliamentary elections it is only £500.
  • In parliamentary elections leaflets are delivered free; for the Police Commissioner elections they are not.
  • The allowed expenditure for election as a police commissioner in Lincolnshire is up to a staggering £100,000. In a parliamentary election the limit is around £12,000.

So where does this leave the independent candidate?
Established political parties already know how to raise money, have people and systems on the ground ready, able and willing to deliver leaflets and speak to voters.
That’s why I say these elections have all the appearance of being rigged.
Standing as an Independent Commissioner I could seek substantial sponsorship but that could fundamentally challenge my independence.
We have seen with the Leveson Enquiry the damage to decency big money can bring, we have seen with the banking industry the fault lines exposed.

Do you really want a Police Commissioner financially beholden to one organisation or another?
I don’t and that is why I am sticking to my principles and remaining determinedly independent.
So I need your help and support in other ways to prevent political bias in our Policing.

Here’s how you can help retain the integrity of the Police in Lincolnshire
Give me your support, help, advice and assistance. This could be as simple as agreeing to use your e-mail list to circulate information to all of your friends and colleagues right through to helping arrange a public meeting and delivering leaflets.

A little bit of practical help by a lot of people can make a huge difference.

Help stop them getting away with rigged elections. You can either mail me here or complete the form below.

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